Courtney Velasquez

About the Digital Mommy

The Digital Mommy,formally known as the Blogging Mommy,has an iPhone/Blackberry/Palm in her purse along with a handheld video camera and a digital camera, oh yes, she’s prepared to do it all! 

She has a blog, maybe two or even three and she does most, if not all of her own HTML coding and designs her own graphic banners.  Her kids have the new toys, books, shoes and clothing that just hit the market because she does product reviews to release the creative talent she has had bottled up for years from not working and being a SAHM. 

 The Digital Mommy loves socialising on networks like Twitter and Facebook.  She is an admitted Twitter addict and has made lifelong friends with other Digital Mommy’s like herself. 

The Digital Mommy loves to party too!  She gets invited to site warming parties all the time while the kids are fast asleep in their beds or watching the latest Pixar movie. 

The Digital Mommy does a lot of shopping on the Internet, but goes to Target and Walmart for everything else.  She might even have an online boutique of her own… she’s always trying to find ways to make money using her skills while staying at home with the kids.

The Digital Mommy is the *NEW* generation of moms and she’s a force to reckoned with!  She speaks her mind and tells it like it is.


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